Develop Your Charisma with Compelling Stories

In this video Dr. Renee Jacobs shows how you can develop charisma using your personal stories. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, considered one of the most charismatic leaders of the decade, worked hard to develop his brand of charisma. You will learn storytelling strategies to rapidly excite interest, earn trust, be credible, and quickly develop business relationships. Your stories will give you exposure, recognition and validation on many platforms including public speaking, social media, as well as one on one professional and personal conversations.



Dr. Renee Jacobs is Director of Speaker Training for Get Inspired Talks. She has a passion for helping entrepreneurs connect deeply when it counts. If you are communicating with potential clients, partners, or investors, Renee has a proven method for developing your charisma and clarifying your core message. Renee has been a Captain in the United States Air Force, grew and sold an eyecare business, earned a Master’s Degree in education, then pivoted into teaching and business consulting. She learned humour late in life, proving that anyone can be funny.