Are you a Mom struggling to bond with your child?

Is your child constantly on the mobile device & not listening?

Is your child being disrespectful with you a lot?


You will notice, your child listens to you
Follows your instructions nicely, well behaved & disciplined
Now you have built that emotional connection, emotional trust,
emotional bond with your child


You are this awesome, hard working mom, that does everything perfectly for your child, but with this world where technology has taken over everything, your child is constantly on the mobile device, looking at unnecessary videos, becoming disobedient, misbehaving, not following your instructions and you feel like you don't have an emotional bond with your child and you also dont have that emotional trust, connection and control with your child

The problem is today’s world has been taken over by technology, so kids are constantly on their mobile devices often watching irrelevant, inappropriate stuff, bad things and following wrong advices, so this is the result,
1. Losing that emotional bond with their parents, especially moms
2. Learning from wrong behaviors from wrong videos
3. Being disobedient with their parents, especially moms
4. Googling wrong stuff in the internet
5. Watching random stuff in Social media and misbehaving

Resulting in the following behavior

1. Not listening to their parents at all
2. Not following instructions
3. Not learning good, morally appropriate important things that are needed to live a successful and happy life
4. The parents have not only lost the emotional bonding with the child, but also lost that connection and control over the child

So what can the parents do to solve this problem? Especially moms

The parents, especially moms need to build an emotional connection with the child, build that emotional bond with that child and make the child feel like the child is cared for, there is someone the child can talk to, there is someone that is there for the child to listen to.

How do you do this?

Do story telling using the Charismafy Mobile app.

You may ask – Hey why do I have to use the Charismafy mobile app, I would rather Google and find my own bed time stories – Yes you can but that takes longer, you will run into inappropriate stuff in the internet, while you are doing this, your child is also watching you and he/she is going to do the same, run into inappropriate stuff and learn bad things.


Bed time Story Telling with the Charismafy mobile app is the Solution. With the Charismafy Mobile app tell beautiful, inspiring, relevant, breath taking, perspective altering stories and build that emotional bond, emotional connection and trust with your child.

Build strong emotional bond with your child by telling bed time stories that are powerful, impactful, relevant and breathtaking. Do this for 7 consecutive days as part of the free trial with the app for 30 minutes every day before going to sleep, you will see magical results.

Master the art of Story Telling, a simple skill set with a repository of stories you can choose & tell any time, Using Charismafy mobile app tell bed time stories every day and produce the following results
1. Build strong emotional connection / bond with your child
2. Now you not only have built an emotional bond, but also trust, your child is telling everything that is happening in its life
3. Now your child listens to you, follows your instructions thoroughly
4. Now your child is not misbehaving
5. Now your child is asking for your guidance / permission to do new things the child is not sure about
6. Your child is not lying to you
and you will see many magical results,

Charismay mobile app has the following
1. 2000+ curated stories
2. Morals at the end of each story for the child to learn from
3. Inspiring, relevant, impactful, perspective altering stories
4. Very quickly search for the appropriate stories to teach appropriate morals
5. Show them the power of hard work, perseverance, honesty, discipline, communication techniques, respecting others,
6. Learn from lives of great leaders, great scientists, great entrepreneurs, great statesmen, great kings, great generals, great warriors, amazing role models etc.
7. Build that confidence in your child
8. Controlled environment where only appropriate stories with morals are made available to your child,
9. Your child is not googling inappropriate stuff, not watching random videos and not taking bad advice from internet, social media

Try Charismafy mobile app for free today – Get the free trial

What Do You Get

1. Relevant, Impactful, Breathtaking, Perspective Altering Stories
2. Tools to Master the Art of Story Telling
3. Patent Pending Mobile App to lookup highly Relevant Stories within minutes

Relevant, Impactful,

Tools to Master the
Art of Story Telling

Patent Pending Mobile App to lookup Relevant Stories within Seconds

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Suzana is a real mom with a son, she has been using the Charismafy mobile app for more than a month and hear directly from Suzana

Venisha is a real mom with a daughter, she has been using the Charismafy mobile app for more than a month and hear directly from Venisha

Suganya is a real mom with a son, she has been using the Charismafy mobile app for more than a month and hear directly from Suganya

Stories are powerful - Why?

Stories are remembered 22 times more than facts

Jerome Bruner

Cognitive Psychologist

Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal

Dr. Howard Gardner

Professor - Harvard

Story is the most powerful way to activate our brains

Leo Wildrich

Cofounder - Buffer

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