Do you want more Charisma Confidence?

Tell Relevant, Breathtaking, Perspective Altering Stories in 3 Mins
Radiate Magnetic Charisma with Renewed Self Confidence
Make Your Point and Wow even the most challenging audience

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? You are that hard working, highly competent, smart, intelligent, brilliant individual with that solid skill set, however you feel YOU WOULD LIKE MORE CHARISMA, CONFIDENCE. So you struggle to step up and make your point in a meeting or as a boss or as a sales person or in any other setting.

The problem is there are many people in this world that have the following qualities,
  1. Highly competent
  2. Highly skilled
  3. Fiercely competitive
  4. Very well articulating
  5. Highly intelligent
  6. But not the most handsome or beautiful in the group

So they struggle with getting an opening into an opportunity or in a conversation or in a group discussion even though they are the most capable.

Humans covet beautiful things and hence beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful everything has advantage over their less beautiful counterparts.

The human brain has evolved into focusing on beautiful things first as part of the animalistic nature of the brain. The point is beautiful people have a natural advantage over less beautiful people even though the beautiful people are not as capable as the less beautiful people.

So the less beautiful people are handicapped and this is even more discouraging when the less beautiful people are more intelligent, competent, possess more skills, more educated, more capable etc.

So what can the less beautiful people do to overcome this disadvantage??

The Less beautiful need to increase their charisma.

How can less beautiful people increase their charisma?

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Story Telling is the Solution. With the Right Story, become a STAR and change the audience's perspective about you

Radiate Magnetic Charisma by telling powerful, impactful, relevant,  breathtaking stories. You are a extremely smart, very competent individual, with numerous skill sets, commendable education, applaudable brilliance and admirable intelligence, yet you struggle to make your point in a group, because you feel you are not charismatic enough, this tool is exactly for you.

Master the art of Story Telling, a simple skill set with a repository of stories you can choose & tell any time, radiate that magnetic charisma even more than the most beautiful person in the whole world, not only you feel confident, but also empowered by telling those beautiful, impactful, breathtaking stories that completely change the perspective of the listener about you and now you are a STAR in front of them. 

Charismafy is a mobile App based Story Repository from which you can pick a relevant story within seconds, share with your audience and impress them and be that STAR. Now not only you have made your point, you have also won their attention when you say more they are even more eager to listen. 

What Do You Get

Relevant, Impactful, Breathtaking, Perspective Altering Stories
Tools to Master the Art of Story Telling
Patent Pending Mobile App to lookup highly Relevant Stories within minutes

Relevant, Impactful, Breathtaking Stories

Tools to Master the Art of Story Telling

Patent Pending Mobile App to lookup Relevant Stories within Seconds



Leader in your Organization

You are trying to get this point across to this employee, for some reason you are not able to get the point across. Now pull a powerful & relevant story from this repository and share that with that employee altering his/her perspective & get them to listen to your point of view


You are a Sales Person

You have this prospect with who you are trying to move the sale forward, you are not able to get him/her to see where you are coming from. Now pick a powerful, impactful story from this repository and demonstrate where you are coming from.


You are a Teacher

You have this most difficult student, that just wouldn't listen. Now choose a perspective altering story from this repository and make him/her see what you are trying to convey in a beautiful way.



Stories are powerful - Why?

Stories are remembered 22 times more than facts

Jerome Bruner

Cognitive Psychologist

Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal

Dr. Howard Gardner

Professor - Harvard

Story is the most powerful way to activate our brains

Leo Wildrich

Cofounder - Buffer

Pricing Plans

Silver Plan/User

$ 2 Monthly
  • Look up 5 Stories per day Share feedback on Stories Mobile App Access Limit 5 Stories per Day, No Phone Customer Support

Gold Plan/User

$ 5 Monthly
  • Look up 10 Stories per day Share feedback on Stories Mobile App Access Limit 10 Stories per Day Phone Customer Support

Platinum Plan/User

$ 20 Monthly
  • Look up Unlimited Stories Share feedback on Stories Mobile App Access Platinum Customer Support Including, Phone, Email